Photo courtesy of Essence//March On Washington 2017
Written by Mike Orie of

Everyday there’s a different headline about what’s going on with the Trump Administration. And while it’s affecting a lot of us, many are choosing to focus on life outside of what’s going on in The White House.

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Essence recently caught up with a few women of color during the March on Washington to discuss how they’re protecting their Black Girl Magic during this new era of President Trump. Some of the common themes are centered are self-focus and community. Two important things needed to progress but individually and as a society. Read and excerpt from the video and watch it below.

“I plan to continue my black girl magic by setting goals, especially my New Year’s Resolutions that I have set for myself. And I feel as though the presidency doesn’t affect how I’m going to prosper, and how I’m gonna push on, and how I’m gonna continue. I plan to graduate within the next year, and I already think that that’s an accomplishment as a black female.”

Another woman chimed in: “I plan to continue my Black Girl Magic by always remembering my foundation and that I come from a family of strong, incredible black women. And continuing to inspire other black women and women of color.”

What actions are you taking to protect your sanity under this new Trump Administration? Share in the comment section.
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