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Today Is The Last Day To Sign Up For ObamaCare

By September 9th, 2021No Comments
Today Is The Last Day To Sign Up For ObamaCare

Today is the absolute last day to sign up for ObamaCare. Have you signed up for your health insurance yet?

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Despite the Trump administration’s numerous attempts to repeal ObamaCare, there is still time to sign up. But the deadline of January 31st is now here.

In case you’re still unclear, Obama Care is a nickname for Affordable Care Act (ACA). The goal of ACA is to put in place comprehensive health insurance reforms that have improved access, affordability and quality in healthcare for Americans.

ObamaCare has made healthcare more accessible for well over 15 million Americans, but if you’re still unclear of the benefits, or simply why you should sign up, you can do your own research here.

Because of confusion and wrongful information being spread, along with the cancellation of many of the advertisements, some celebrities are using their voice to spread the word. Ava Duvernay, John Legend and comedian Colton Dunn are among the few. Huff Post Black Voices did a great job of pulling together celebrities advocating for ObamaCare, but you can check out some of them below.

And most importantly, you can sign up for ObamaCare by simply going to HealthCare.Gov

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Today Is The Last Day To Sign Up For ObamaCare


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