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Should I Use a Satin Pillowcase?

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Should I Use a Satin Pillowcase?
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by Mary Wolff

There are so many beauty trends out there today that it can be hard to keep up. One of the biggest beauty trends that started with the natural hair community is sleeping on a satin pillowcase. If you haven’t heard of it, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about.

There are many reasons why a satin pillowcase might be better than rougher fabrics like cotton, flannel, or wool. Here are a few of the most popular reasons why you should consider making the switch:


  • Less frizz! That’s right, curlies. With a satin pillowcase, your hair could be less frizzy in the morning.  Other materials cause friction while you sleep from your strands not being able to move freely. With a satin pillowcase, your hair glides off the pillow so there is no friction. 
  • More moisture! A satin pillowcase has been proven to suck up less moisture from your hair while you sleep. If you are doing everything right with diet, hair care, and products, but still have dry strands, the culprit may be your harsh pillowcase. 
  • Less breakage! Following in the vein of the previous benefits, satin pillowcases are gentler on your curls than other materials. There will be less tugging which will lead to less breakage. It’s a win-win! 
  • Fewer wrinkles! Yes, you read that right. Satin pillowcases aren’t just better for your hair. They are better for your skin, too. The delicate skin on your face, especially the sensitive area around the eyes where crow’s feet and deep set lines occur, gets tugged and pulled on during the night. With a satin pillowcase, you reduce that tugging and your skin care is absorbed into your skin instead of your pillowcase so you truly wake up with skin that is more beautiful than before!
  • Better sleep! Sleep affects your whole life. If you aren’t getting good quality sleep every night, your skin, hair, and health in general will show it. A satin pillowcase helps keep you cooler while you sleep. Many people report getting hot while sleeping and it causes tossing and turning.  With a satin pillowcase, you get a better night of cool, relaxing rest. 

With so many benefits, why not try out a satin pillowcase for your next beauty rest. There are a lot of pillowcases to choose from, but you can find a few favorites here and here.

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