Pictured, Boyede Sobitan, co-founder of Oja Express
Written by Mike Orie of Afrotrak.com

Chicago entrepreneur Boyede Sobitan was having a hard time finding ethnic grocery stores in his city. His frustration led him to creating the app, Oja Express.
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The app has one goal, to allow you to order your favorite African and Carribbean groceries from the comfort of your home. Customers order their food through the Oja Express app, schedule a delivery and then a sprinter delivers the product at the scheduled time.

Sobitan, Nigerian, spoke with Ebony.com in the latest series called “In Our Cities.” According to their site, the video series aims to “combat the negative images the mainstream media highlights in Black communities across the country by showcasing a fuller picture of people, places and projects aimed at improvement.”

Like many others who find a voice through entrepreneurship, Sobitan was frustrated with some of the difficulties Nigerian families living on the SouthSide had finding key recipes to make some of their favorite dishes.

“The local stores here don’t have the full compliments of ingredients we use to make our cultural dishes,” said Sobitan. He cites Ghana yams as an example of a particular item that’s been really hard to find.

Oja Express is available to download for free.

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