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10 Best Spring Date Hair Styles For Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
10 Best Spring Date Hair Styles For Natural Hair

by Mary Wolff

Spring is a season of new beginnings and your style should reflect it. It is also a time of year when your dating life may be back in full swing thanks to the weather finally warming up. If you are looking for a new ‘do to step up your game on date night, here are the 10 best spring date hair styles for natural hair.

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1. Crown Braid

This is a fun and flirty look perfect for date night. Easy to create, it is a protective style that shows off the beauty of your natural hair. This look is perfect for any type of date, but especially outdoor dates where you might not want your hair blowing in your face. Here is a quick tutorial on creating this stylish option.

2. Boho Inspired

The Boho style is a playful one that plays up texture by letting curls hang loosely at the bottom with a half up, half down look. It is a great way to show off those curls on date night! This look is perfect for a traditional movie and dinner date or anything the night has in store. Here are two variations on this style to guide you.

3. Twisted Tuck N Pin 

When you need a look that is date ready, this look is stylish and easy. It works well with hair already in braids and lets you mix up your style from daytime to nighttime quickly to help you get out the door on time and looking flawless. Since this is a protective style, it is good for outdoor dates like a picnic in the park. Here is how to achieve this fun, flirty style.

4. Vintage Updo

Perfect for elegant dinners and dates requiring a fancy tone, this look is feminine and fierce in equal measure. It gives your look a lot of volume and is easy to create. Here is my favorite vintage look.

5. Curly Bangs and Faux Bun 

Bringing the best of your texture to the forefront, this look lets you show off your texture in a fun, playful style. This youthful, flirty style is perfect for any type of date and works well with any look you are trying to pull together. Here is how to create this look for yourself.

6. T-shirt Halo Curls 

This look might take a little bit more time, but the results are the perfect mix of romantic and playful. The style doesn’t require the use of heat or a lot of products. It is easy to do and you get voluminous body and curls with a dramatic edge. This look is perfect for those nights when you want to turn up the heat and let your curls do the talking. Here is how to get this look.

7. Braid Out 

Another look that lets you leave your hair down to show off your curls, this style is modern and sleek. It is another overnight look so plan ahead if you want to rock this style on your next date. Find out more here.

8. Twisted Heart

For a romantic look that is flattering to many face shapes, this look is a timeless choice. The often rainy weather of spring is a great time to wear a more protective style and this one easily goes from day to night without adjusting. Here’s how to achieve this sweet and flirty look.

9. Twisted FroHawk 

When you want an edgy style to show off your sassy side, this look is a no-brainer. It says you are a woman comfortable with being in control. This style works with just about every texture and is perfect for any type of adventure you have in mind for date night. Achieve the look with this tutorial below.

10. Twist Side 

This look lets your texture take center stage while still giving you a way to keep hair pulled out of your face. It is similar to a simple ponytail, but it is date night ready with a sleek appeal. It is both youthful and sophisticated in equal measure. Get the look here.

Date night in the spring can offer a lot of versatility in the styles available for curlies. Turn heads all season with these stylish options!

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