Pictured, Saada Ahmed, Co-founder of Everyday Ppl

In 2012, Saada Ahmed, co-founded the popular brunch Everyday Ppl. Since it’s launch in New York, the popular brunch/day party has traveled across the country to cities like DC, Philly, LA, Chicago, Miami and several others.

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The popular day party has grown tremendously, amassing nearly 50K followers on Instagram. But most importantly, it has sparked a trend of day parties across the country. “We started off in 2012, me, Roble and Moma. just creating a space for our friends to hang out during the day. Network….I did it for fun. I didn’t have any incentive like to make money or anything,” says Ahmed.

But as more success comes, often comes challenges.

In a recent interview with Revolt TV, Ahmed shares challenges of overcoming social anxiety, doubt and fears and she gains more success.

“I have a lot of social anxiety. Anxiety in general. It’s been a learning process on how to handle people, and like realizing what’s genuine and what’s not. Having really good people around me, like my cousin, she’s kinda like my mentor. She checks me,” says Ahmed.

“I’ve shown up each time and I’ve seen that I’m capable, but sometimes you just get insecure,” she continues. “Sometimes you don’t wanna get out of bed, and you don’t wanna write an email. And you don’t want people to be upset with you cause you didn’t write that email on time.”

Watch Ahmed’s interview below.

What challenges have you had with overcoming anxiety? What have you done to overcome it?
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