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Here’s Three Negatives to Returning Back to Relaxed Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Here's Three Negatives to Returning Back to Relaxed Hair

by Mary Wolff

The journey to embracing your natural hair can be a challenging road to travel. If you are thinking of turning back or are convinced relaxed hair is better than natural hair, there are a few negatives to relaxed hair that you need to know. These negatives to relaxed hair might just help you make a more informed decision for the health of your curls.
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1. Weaker Strands

If you regularly relax your naturally curly hair, you are adding a lot of damaging chemicals or heat to your hair. From relaxer creams to flat irons to kill your curls, all of this adds up to weaker strands. One of the biggest negatives to relaxed hair is how vulnerable your strands will become to breakage. The chemicals and the heat are known to naturally wear down the keratin and proteins in hair over time so it will be weaker and more prone to breakage.

2. Dryness and Damage Galore 

Similar to the above negative, dryness and damage are a big part of relaxed hair. The chemicals in relaxers are killing your curls, and your strands will still go through the stages of damage. One of the biggest damages is dryness. The harsh chemicals, as well as heat if that is your method of choice for straightening hair, zaps hair of its natural moisture. While you can replenish some of hair’s natural moisture with the right products, you are unlikely to be able to properly replace all of the moisture lost.

3. Harder to Achieve Length 

Hair that is damaged may take longer to grow since the hair isn’t healthy enough to generate new growth as easily as hair that is properly nourished. Relaxed hair has lost elasticity and therefore is more susceptible to breakage, the natural enemy of hair growth. Generally speaking, relaxed hair is more likely to be unhealthy thanks to all the chemicals, heat, and stress put on strands.

When it comes down to it, the decision to embrace your natural hair without relaxers is a personal choice every curly must make for themselves. Find the right choice for you with these insights about relaxed hair!

Share your experiences with transitioning back in the comment section!

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