Pictured: 8-year-old, Nia Mia Reese. She wrote her first book at 8 and made the Amazon Best-Seller list.

How often have you heard 8-year-old and best seller in the same sentence? It’s probably a first for us.

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8-year-old Nia Mia Reese is doing some pretty amazing things. Reese recently made the Amazon Best Seller list for her book titled “How To Deal With And Care For Your Annoying Little Brother.”

The book has been getting a lot of attention, even securing her a recent appearance on CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley.

Reese wrote the book last summer after her first-grade teacher, Beth Hankins asked the class to write about something they were experts on, according to AL.com. She would write about her “annoying” 5-year-old brother, Ronald Michael. Nia said it only took her a few days to write.

“How To Deal With And Care For Your Annoying Little Brother” was published earlier this year by Yorkshire Publishing. Reese would contact a publisher asking for advice, only to learn that they loved the concept.

Her book currently sits at No. 7 on Amazon’s Best-Seller List under Parenting and Relationships. It’s also listed under Amazon’s Movers and Shakers.

The book features universal lessons on patience, kindness and love. Mya says through this experience, “I learned to follow my own dreams.”

You can purchase Nia’s book here.

What are your thoughts on Nia’s new book?
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