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10 Best Headbands For Curly Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
10 Best Headbands For Curly Hair
by Mary Wolff

For any type of hair, hair accessories are a part of the routine. For curlies, it can be fun to introduce a new hair accessory into the mix. One of the easiest accessories to add in is headbands. They are great for keeping hair out of your face and come in many options. How do you know which ones are best for you? Here is a list of the 10 best headbands for curly hair!

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1. Natural Life Boho Wrap

This is a headband that is versatile. You can use it as a headband, a hair tie, a wrap, or even a bracelet. It is made of rayon fabric and free from elastic so it won’t pull on hair or cause any damage. It is available in several cute colors as an added bonus! Find it here.

2. Loza Tam Pink Plaid African Print Headband

For a headband that is guaranteed to eliminate friction, this pretty and feminine option is perfect. The interior of the headband is lined with satin to protect hair from friction. It is a little bit on the thicker side so it is great for creating pineapple styles or days when you want a little more coverage. Check it out here.

3. Sweaty Bands 

When you need to work out without worrying about your hair, Sweaty Bands are a trusted option. These accessories are made with moisture wicking materials to keep you dry while working out. They offer a great hold with a focus on no-slip performance. Best of all, they are available in a ton of colors. Check it out here.

4. Scunci Bendable Headband 

Something that makes some curlies stay away from headbands is the possibility of damage. If you are using headbands with teeth, it can be a concern. With this headband, there are no teeth. You get a slightly better hold than what a material based headband would give with this flexible yet hard headband. It is only available in one color, but it is a good go-to headband to keep around and it’s affordable! It may be too tight for wash-n-go styles, but it’s a great option for buns and puffs. Find it here.

5. Under Armor’s Women’s Perfect Headband

This is another option perfect for a sweat session at the gym. This is one of the most trusted brands in athletic apparel and their headbands are just as high-performing. The design is a soft material style that won’t tug at hair and features specially designed rivets for a good hold. It is also super stretchy. Shop for it here.

6. Infinity Headbands

When you want a headband that is more on the pretty side than the practical side, Infinity headbands are perfect. They are available in a variety of stylish options. The designs are made with colored beads that are carefully sewn onto the headbands. The bands themselves are fabric with an elastic backing to give good hold while adding beauty to your look. Find them here.

7. Dazzle Headband Hair Piece by Especially Yours

This is a headband with a twist. It is a hair piece that slides on like any headband but can instantly give you a new look. Especially Yours has several to choose from so you can achieve a range of looks with their headbands. See for yourself here.

8. Nike Swoosh Sport Hairband

For a quick fix to keep hair out of your face, this headband offers great hold without teeth. It is smaller than other options mentioned so it is great for keeping thinner hair types pulled back. They feature the Nike logo at the front and come in a variety of fun colors. Find them here.

9. Fromm Leather Headbands

This headband gives a sleek, modern look with carefully treated leather in various color choices. It has adjustable elastic so you can always get the right fit for you and offers a no-slip grip without teeth to eliminate any damage. Check it out here.

10. Pink Pewter Turquoise Beaded Ribbon Head Wrap

A truly feminine touch, this headband brings beauty to any style. It has a comfortable fit that will fit most people and it is hand embroidered for added detail. See for yourself here.

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