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How Often Should I Cut My Coily Hair?

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How Often Should I Cut My Coily Hair?
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by Mary Wolff

Taking care of your curls is important. When your hair is given proper attention, it will be healthier and more beautiful from root to end. One of the most important areas of curly hair care is the matter of haircuts. If you have coily hair, you may have questions like, how often should I cut my coily hair? While everyone’s hair is different and you may have your own preferences, the texture of your hair is often a deciding factor in matters of hair care. So, let’s look at coily hair in terms of trimming.

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How Often Should You Cut Coily Hair?

Coily hair can go as long as every 8-12 weeks, but there is a catch. Before you start celebrating that you can go so long without a trim, there are a few things to keep in mind. While other hair types average a cutting cycle of around every 4-8 weeks, depending on the texture, coily hair can go a little bit longer. In order for you to achieve this longer than average hair trimming cycle, you have to give your coily hair the right care.  If your coils are in a protective style or being properly cared for, you can reach the 8 to 12-week mark without worry. If your curls are already damaged or having a few issues, you may benefit from doing trims more often than the 8-12 timeline. For example, coily hair tends to have a harder time distributing natural oils down the shaft of strands. This lack of oil can lead to dryness which will inevitably become split ends you will want to trim to keep that healthy appearance all curlies want.

Coily hair is one of the more fragile curly types because it tends to be on the thinner side. The thinness obviously presents unique care routines to combat issues like dryness, breakage, and frizz.  Here are a few care tips to help you get healthy hair in between trims:

  • Hands off! I know lots of curlies that constantly touch their hair. Fight the urge! When you touch your hair, you are accidentally harming it. The more you handle your hair or touch it throughout the day, the more you weaken strands and possibly rob hair of moisture by disturbing oils. 
  • Use natural moisturizers. Shea butter, olive oil, and argan oil are great natural moisturizers that are rich enough to give coily hair a hydration boost. Coily hair needs regular moisturizing to stay free from dryness and frizz. 
  • Silk is your friend! Your hair is naturally more vulnerable to the damages caused by enemies such as friction and humidity. Combat this by wrapping hair in a silk scarf on humid days and sleeping on a silk pillowcase every night to avoid friction caused by other materials. 

Trimming your coily hair is important to give it that fresh from the salon look while eliminating pesky split ends. The key to extending the time between trims is proper care!

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