Over the weekend, a photo of Michelle Obama surfaced in her natural hair. Technically, she’s always been natural, but we’ve never quite seen her this way.

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Since the Obama’s left office in January, they’ve been relatively quiet and deservedly so. And while we’re aware they’ve been off doing their own thing, this photo reaffirms it.

I’m no expert on natural hair, but I’m digging seeing the former First Lady in her natural state. Technically, she’s always been natural, but has just wore her hair straightened.

One user @jacqueline_dlv shared her thoughts on Instagram in the comments section: “Her hair has always been natural…she’s just wore it straightened. Before she became First Lady, her and I went to the same hair stylist in Chicago. Rahni from Van Cleef Hair Salon in Chicago. He specialized in all sort of hair…he’s been in business for the last 30 years in Chicago. He’s the hair/Black hair guru.” 

But still…We’ve been waiting 8 years for this.
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