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4 New Growth Styling Tips

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
4 New Growth Styling Tips
by Mary Wolff

No matter where you are in your natural hair journey, you have probably heard about or experienced new growth. New growth is just what it sounds like. It is new hair that has grown in with your existing, older hair which is either relaxed or permed. When transitioning to natural hair, new growth can be difficult to navigate because you essentially have two different textures on your head now. Here are a few of my favorite new growth styling tips to help make this part of the journey a little less bumpy.

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1. Condition and Moisturize

This is one of the best new growth styling tips because it is so essential to your hair. If you keep that new growth healthy from the start, it will be much easier to style it. I like to use coconut oil on my new growth because it gives it deep moisture without weighing it down the way some store-bought products might. Remember, new growth is fragile so you want to make sure it is moisturized with a formula that is gentle. You can even use baby and children’s products on your new growth. Whatever you use, make sure it is lightweight and gentle. One of my favorites is Mixed Chicks Leave-In conditioner because it is light and smells great!

2. Find Styles for New Growth 

Obviously, protective styling is great for when you are trying to protect hair, but what about the new growth? New growth hair tends to be a different texture and length than what is already grown out on your head so you need to find styles that are new growth-friendly. The goal is to find styles that let you blend the two textures together or hide the new growth. Here are a few great examples of styling new growth styles.

3. Don’t Overdo Protective Styles

I get it, dealing with two different textures might be a real nuisance and it is certainly easier to put it into a protective style once it is long enough to do so, but be careful. New growth is very fragile for most curlies, especially along the line where the old and new hair meet, so protective hairstyles should be used only for short times. You want to let that beautiful new hair hang loose and free in all its glory to help avoid breakage or strain.

4. Stay Away from Heat 

Some curly girls will make the mistake of treating their new growth the same as their permed hair and this is such a mistake! One of the best new growth styling tips is to style it as little as possible, especially with heat or harsh relaxers. New growth needs to be nurtured and allowed to take on its natural curl pattern, as well as natural texture, so don’t straighten it out.

There are many ways to go about dealing with the tricky area of new growth. The most important thing is to embrace this part of your hair journey and enjoy the excitement of seeing your new hair take shape.

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