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5 Ways To Protect Your Natural Hair at the Beach

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
5 Ways To Protect Your Natural Hair at the Beach
by Mary Wolff

Summer is the perfect time to hang out at the beach. The weather is warm and the water is calling your name. One thing that could halt all that fun in the sun is the damage your curls will take on from the drying salt water, sun, and humid air. Avoid this fate with these tips on protecting your hair at the beach!

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1. Apply coconut oil to your hair the night before. Coconut oil is known to lock in moisture and create a barrier from hair drying out. When you apply this the night before a beach trip, you allow your strands enough time to soak in those moisture-rich and restorative nutrients.

2. Don’t wash your hair before the beach. When you wash your hair, you accidentally strip your strands of at least some natural oils needed to protect hair. It is actually better to rock 2nd day or week old hair at the beach since you will have a natural barrier of oil that can basically protect the hair shaft against harmful salt and sun.

3. Choose a protective style. Putting your hair in a protective style means you can stop worrying about the health of your strands at the beach and just enjoy the day! Be sure to apply conditioner or a moisturizer on your hair before you style it. This will trap the moisture in.

4. Use an SPF leave in conditioner. You may be really consistent about protecting your skin from the harmful effect so UV rays, but your scalp and hair need extra TLC to keep it safe from the sun, too! One of my favorites is Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray because it gives great protection against the sun while also packing thirst quenching aloe vera. It leaves my hair full of body with the protection I need. Best of all, it is waterproof so that extra dip in the water won’t hurt my curls.

5. Make sure you rinse! Rinsing your hair after a dip is one of the most essential elements of safe and healthy beach hair. When you rinse, you remove extra saltwater, sweat, and dirt that can get in your hair from hanging out at the beach. A good idea is to rinse off after your swim and make sure you co-wash when you get home!

Your curls are beautiful and they deserve to stay that way. Don’t miss out on the summer fun when you have these tips to keep your strands happy and healthy in the sun!

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