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Jordan Peele Does His Own #GetOutChallenge On Jimmy Fallon, Announces Baby

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Jordan Peele Does His Own #GetOutChallenge On Jimmy Fallon, Announces Baby

Jordan Peele is out here winning in a myriad of ways! In yet another winning example, Peele appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and this time, he was alone and not with his comedy partner in crime, Keegan-Michael Key. The two, of course, had risen to fame from their Comedy Central sketch series, Key & Peele.

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In one of the most epic tv show entrances ever, Peele reenacted the infamous sprint done by the Get Out character “Walter,” now known as the #GetOutChallenge. He blessed the Tonight Show audience, admitting that it was the very first time that he had done the challenge. Very meta!

Fallon congratulated Peele for his recent marriage to fellow comedian, Chelsea Peretti, to which Jordan followed with, “we’re brewing together a comedy legend… within her.” In the way that Peele only could, he was basically announcing her pregnancy. They’re having a baby!

The two also reminisced on his last appearance on the show with Key in which they referenced Questlove given them a shout-out, which hilariously resulted in Questlove spitting out his drink. The shout-out must’ve taken him aback, but that very moment became a social media meme and gif. Peele described Questlove’s slip as “mother bird feeding his children.” Ha!

The two went on to talk about his upcoming works, including Peele producing a show for Tracy Morgan on TBS that follows Morgan’s character who returns to Brooklyn after a 15-year prison stint only to find it a new and unrecognizable gentrified Brooklyn.

Peele’s hype train is definitely not stopping anytime soon and it’s great because he’s a talented guy! Congrats to Peele on his “brewing” baby news and I look forward to his upcoming projects!

Jordan Peele Does His Own #GetOutChallenge On Jimmy Fallon, Announces Baby
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