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Watch: Here’s A First Look At Season 4 of ‘Power’

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Watch: Here's A First Look At Season 4 of 'Power'
Photo courtesy of Starz Website

By Sharee Silerio

I cut the cord about a year ago. No cable. No more expensive bills. Television on my terms. You might be wondering while I’m telling you this.

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Well, since I don’t have cable, don’t have a Starz subscription, and haven’t taken the time to get a friend or family member’s login information, I have never watched one episode of the hit television series Power.

Horrible, I know. It looks like a really good show, and since I already pay for Hulu and Netflix, the cost is not that bad. But it’s still $8.99 a month so I can watch one. show. Okay, maybe two, if I include Survivor’s Remorse.

So, I might be one of few who have not seen the show, but exciting news is in store for those who love it! The official trailer for season four was just released!

It looks like loyalty will be tested, truth hidden or revealed and plenty of dramatic, intense moments.

Take a look at the almost two-minute sneak peek here.

Based on fan feedback, the trailer verifies that the new season is going to be “lit”, “amazing” and “madness”. It really sounds like my kind of show.

Power returns to Starz on June 25 at 9 p.m. ET.

Have you watched Power yet? Will you be tuning in next month?
Watch: Here's A First Look At Season 4 of 'Power'
Sharee Silerio is a St. Louis-based freelance writer, Film and TV writer-producer, and blogger. When she isn’t creating content for The Root or The St. Louis American, she enjoys watching drama/sci-fi/comedy movies and TV shows, writing faith and self-love posts for, relaxing with a cup of chai tea, crafting chic DIY event décor, and traveling. Review her freelance portfolio at then connect with her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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