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Do you ever feel like you SHOULD give up meat but LOVE good food?

Yup, me too!

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Sometimes, taking a break from eating ingredients like meat and other animal products can be good for your body. You’ll make more room for plant-based foods while making less room for an acidic environment that is prone to disease.

If you’re wanting to transition to a vegan diet, but are not sure about the taste quality, here are five vegan restaurants that will make your decision much easier.

1. Souley Vegan – Oakland, California

Chef Tamearra Dyson was a single mother with little money when she opened Souley Vegan. Located in downtown Oakland, California, Souley Vegan is a promising restaurant when it comes to keeping the delicious flavor of soul food present in the absence of animal products. Famously known for the fried okra, Souley Vegan will have you thinking twice about what’s good for the soul.

2. Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine – Los Angeles, California

Rahel Vegan Cuisine boasts on its website of being “the first ever (and still only) 100% Vegan Ethiopian Restaurant anywhere.” Using ingredients like sweet potato, lentils, kale and many more wholesome ingredients, Rahel’s restaurant is spoken highly of in reviews. According to the website, Rahel Vegan Rahel Vegan been voted as LA’s Best Vegan Restaurant a number of times and has also been awarded Best Ethnic Vegan Restaurant by Los Angeles Magazine.

3. Alza Vegan – Los Angeles, California

Alza Vegan became the first Ethiopian restaurant to be opened in South Los Angeles in 2013 by the efforts of “head chef Azla… with her youngest daughter, Nesanet.” Common ingredients include legumes like lentils and peas as well as vegetables and healthy carbs. Customers on Yelp are particularly keen on the restaurant’s affordable prices along with it awesome customer service.

4. Stuff I Eat – Inglewood, California

Self-defined as “approximately 95% organic”, Stuff I Eat was opened back in 2008 on Market Street in Inglewood, California. Set on reducing the risks of disease within the community, Stuff I Eat prides itself on serving delicious, but good quality, healthy dishes. What’s even more dope about this restaurant is that its menu is designed as a “transitional menu” for individuals who are seeking help in transitioning from a diet based on animal products to a plant-based diet.

5. Simply Wholesome – Los Angeles, California

Okay, so Simply Wholesome is not 100% vegan, however, they have an extensive list of vegan selections. From Garden Burgers to Lentil Burgers to Avocado Sandwiches, Simply Wholesome offers a variety of selection that even non-vegans would enjoy. They also have a list of over 50 smoothie options that, if necessary, can definitely be modified to fit everyone’s palette.

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