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Benefits of Plantains for Hair

By January 27th, 20212 Comments
Benefits of Plantains for Hair
Photo Credit: North of Lagos

by Mary Wolff

There are a ton of healthy foods that are reported to help with the life of your hair. When choosing the right one, you might overlook plantains. These fruits might be overlooked for their counterpart the banana, but there are some great benefits of plantains for hair that make them worth a second look. Here are a few benefits of plantains for hair that make them a great addition to your diet or hair care routine.

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  • They help with hair growth. Eating plantains or applying them directly to your scalp can help with generating new hair growth. Plantains are packed with high levels of vitamin C which helps your hair health in a few ways. It helps the scalp have proper circulation to encourage new growth by supporting the follicles. It also helps the body to absorb iron which is needed not only for new growth, but also hair retention to keep the follicle strong. 
  • They are great for moisturizing hair. Plantains have a high level of vitamin E which is a known way to moisturize strands. Applying a plantain mask to your strands will leave them hydrated and soft thanks to this essential nutrient. 
  • They soothe an irritated scalp. From the combination of vitamin E and the naturally emollient properties of this super food, they are great for soothing irritation, dryness, oil production issues, and other scalp concerns. When your scalp needs a treat, plantains are one of the best options for overall scalp health. 
  • They can also give your skin a boost by providing necessary nutrients. Plantains are rich in vitamins A and B6. These two vitamins play a crucial role in keeping skin healthy and young. When you add plantains to your diet, you get skin that is positively glowing! 

There are two ways to reap the benefits of plantains for hair. You can eat them and allow your body to absorb the nutrients. This is an acceptable, and tasty, way to get these benefits. If you are looking for something a little bit more immediate in terms of results you can also apply plantains directly to your hair and scalp.

To apply plantains to your hair or scalp, simply un-peel 1-3 ripe plantains, depending on the length of your hair. Mash them in a bowl or food processor until they become paste-like. This will only work if the plantains are browning and ripe. Apply to hair and scalp, massaging into scalp in circular motions. Put on a shower cap for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse out of hair and finish up with your favorite conditioner. Your hair should be notably softer and healthier.


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