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Best Hairstyles For The Awkward Stage

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Best Hairstyles For The Awkward Stage

by Mary Wolff

Going natural is a big step. If you big chopped to start your transition, there is certainly an adjustment period. Part of this period is dealing with that awkward stage of hair length where it feels impossible to find styles you like that can make you feel good about your hair. Here are some of the best hairstyles for the awkward stage to help you embrace those beautiful curls!

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1. Flat Twist Out 
The flat twist out is a popular style for dealing with the awkward stage. It’s easy to do, perfect for any situation, and it lets you show off the beauty of your texture. Add a headband to the look, and you have a style that both embraces your natural texture and helps you adjust during that awkward stage. Find out more here.

2. Zig Zag Puffs 
This look combines several different elements to create a young, fun look that is perfect for every day or a night on the town. It has a flat twist to help frame the face, a zig zag part for added fun, and puffs pulled in the back to help keep hair in place. See for yourself with this tutorial.

3. Halo Crown Protective Style
This look lets you put your hair in a protective style that is cute and easy to do with the length. The awkward stage doesn’t have to mean you can’t do a protective look! With this style, you can create a beautiful updo that also keeps your strands safe from damage. Learn how right here.

4. Top Knot
When you want a special occasion look that gives the illusion you have more length than you really do in that awkward stage, the top knot is a great option. It does use a lot of tension, so if you are trying to avoid that for your hair, keep in mind this isn’t an everyday look. Here is how to pull off this look for your special night.

5. Bantu Knot Out
When you just want to embrace the puff, this look is the ideal way to go. It brings out the natural curl of your hair while adding volume. Best of all, it’s easy to do! You can also use bobby pins to help hair fall for a look that frames the face with this style. Find out how to create this look.

When trying to find the best hairstyles for the awkward stage, these options are easy to create and show off the beauty of your natural hair. Embrace the awkward stage by transforming it with a beautiful style today!

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