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Meet Aiden The Zoologist, The Kid Genius And Star In The Making

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Meet Aiden The Zoologist, The Kid Genius And Star In The Making

The world inside the brain of a child is like no other. The pure wonderment of a child seeking unlimited knowledge is a priceless sight and one that I’m always here for. That’s why I was super excited to see Aiden The Zoologist flutter across my timeline.

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In the clip, Aiden adorably spits that knowledge about the critters that hide within the lichen and bark inside the tree, given its source of water and nutrients. He even introduces us to the ants living beneath the bark, deftly naming the soldiers and voyagers, as if providing the ants with their own characterization and agency. His passion for the topic is apparent and endearing! Further, he clearly has the type of charisma to appeal to his fellow peers and adults alike. The way he breaks down the basics of trees, including determining their age via annual growth rings, is accessible and engaging for a wide range of audiences eager to learn more.

Aiden has already captured the hearts of many, accumulating more than 7K subscribers on his YouTube channel since his first video upload — in just a day! And after his big sister, Britney Cooke posted the above clip on Twitter, swarms of tweeters immediately recognized a star and some called for networks to pick up his video as a show or for sponsors to invest in his YouTube channel.

Whether the cards of landing at a network or fostering his own are on the table, Aiden is surely going to shine!

As for his educational shine, his family is certainly taking that seriously as well. His sister posted that the family set up a college fund on GoFundMe with a goal of $100K. Because, yes, not only is he obviously college-bound, but he will excel!

Per Cooke, who created the GoFundMe page, “Aiden has a passion for animals and nature and dreams of being a zoologist in the future. I noticed all the support and love he’s getting from the video, so I decided to start a college fund for him early so that he can be set in the future and choose from whatever college he dreams of attending! This is a college fund for Aiden, donors are those he has inspired with his nature videos on YouTube and Twitter.”

Black And STEM plus Black Boy Joy equals peak Black Excellence! We wish Aiden all of the success in the world as he is destined for just that!

What would you like Aiden The Zoologist to cover next? Make sure you head over to his YouTube and check him out!
Meet Aiden The Zoologist, The Kid Genius And Star In The Making
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