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Curly Nikki

My First Ink.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

My First Ink.

So fun fact, I’ve been meditating off and on since the age of 7. Got into it again in college and then again 10 years ago and I’ve been meditating everyday, ever since– both walking and sitting. After a couple of years of self-inquiry in the style of Ramana Maharshi, I became acutely aware of presence or ‘beingness’. At first I thought I was aware of the presence. But it soon became abundantly clear that the presence is ‘I’ and aware of itself and completely independent of and prior to every appearance (including the body and mind), but also what allows every appearance to be! It is formless, faceless and omnipresent.

Soon thereafter, meditations became incredibly blissful with an hour passing by like 5 minutes! And within this all-pervading presence, an inherent, extremely palpable and pleasant perception arose that’s always there, just behind the scene. I can feel it now as I type. I go into much more detail in my #LifeHack posts.

So all that to say, the tattoo is a Sanskrit word that means ‘Satchitanada’. A compound word to describe the nature of ultimate reality (Brahman). It is our core self– the experience of God as Being, Consciousness and Bliss.

To me, it’s another way of saying ‘the kingdom of heaven is within’– it’s my subjective experience of God. And when anchored there, I am free. The experience is actually beyond words… it can’t even be called an experience. What I can say is that living from this space inside of you is the foundation to an abundant life, both within and without.

My First Ink.

Huge thanks to my henna artist Priya of @charminghenna who saw all the renderings of ‘Satchidanada’ I found on the Googles and told me they were wrong, wrong, wrong ?? She has deep knowledge of Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit and my tattoo is actually in her handwriting! And big thanks to @tad_dc for the amazing bedside manner on my first ink! I may even be back!  That shit hurt.

My First Ink.
Later Gators, 
p.s. Priya did a henna sleeve for me too!  I’ll share pics of the actual stain soon—
My First Ink.

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