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Protein Conditioner Versus Moisturizing Conditioner

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Protein Conditioner Versus Moisturizing Conditioner
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by Mary Wolff

Your hair needs a lot of things to look and feel its best. From the right hair care products to the right diet, finding your best curls is a process and a journey as opposed to an end destination. When it comes to knowing what hair needs and when it needs it, it can be hard to tell in certain areas. For example, if you are choosing between a protein conditioner versus moisturizing conditioner, how do you know which one to choose? First, let’s look at the basics of both.

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What are the Differences? 

A conditioners main job is always to condition hair. The main difference between protein conditioner versus moisturizing conditioner is what each one brings to the table in addition to the conditioning aspect.

A protein conditioner will offer just what it says it will, conditioning in the form of protein. The main ingredients in these conditioners will be protein, keratin, and amino acids. These are the building blocks of hair that make it strong and help it grow.

A moisturizing conditioner has a sole focus on conditioning your hair by adding intense moisture. It uses water-based ingredients and other moisture-rich elements to replenish dry hair and soften hair.

Deciding Between the Two 

It is important to note that your curls need both protein and moisture in equal measure. These two elements are the keys to healthy hair. This doesn’t mean you should use them at the same time. The needs of your hair will change from month to month and maybe even week to week, depending on outside factors affecting your hair. The best rule of thumb is to pay attention to your hair. If it seems weak and breaking more than usual, it is time for protein conditioner. If it is dry and frizzy, it needs a moisturizing conditioner. While it depends on your hair type and other factors, most people will need a moisturizing conditioner more often than a protein conditioner. It should be noted that you can over moisturize your hair and put too much protein, so a balanced regimen is necessary. The use of too much protein added to the hair can lead to total breakage. The hair becomes overloaded with protein faster than hair can metabolize it and you end with a serious hair nightmare. Most people only need a protein treatment about once a month. One of my favorites is Curly Hair Solutions Pure Silk Protein Deep Moisturizing Treatment, but feel free to use any preferred protein conditioner that you enjoy.

Here is a great place to start if you haven’t found a holy grail protein conditioner yet.

When it comes to giving your hair the best care, it is important to have balance.  Always pay attention to the needs of your hair and your curls will reward you with their beauty!

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