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Single Dad Defies Stereotypes, Teaches Black Men To Do Their Daughter’s Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Single Dad Defies Stereotypes, Teaches Black Men To Do Their Daughter's Hair

Written by Nikki Igbo of

What’s a single father to do when his daughter needs her hair styled and he hasn’t the slightest idea how to do so? If that single father is Darius Bland of Huntsville, Alabama, then he gets down to the business of learning how to care for his child’s hair. And, he happily passes on all he’s learned to other otherwise hairstyle-challenged fathers.

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Bland, who told WHNT News how he initially didn’t even know how to do a ponytail, hosted an event called Can Daddy Do My Hair? late last month. The event served as hair-styling training session for fathers intent on breaking stereotypes regarding their parenting roles to daughters as well as a fun activity to build stronger, closer bonds with their little girls.

“The father is the ultimate role model. He’s the person that everything kind of falls back on. He’s the person daughters look to as a male figure and so do their sons,” Bland said.

One attendee, Darius Jefferson, took to Facebook to share his delight and satisfaction with the event. The father of a six year old girl with what he describes as “thick hair” said of the experience, “I’m so glad I went to this event to network with other fathers and create some memories with my daughter. Even though my twists weren’t the best, I think it was the idea of me playing in her hair that she loved the most. Now I know the basics of doing her hair. Thank you, Darius.”

What do you think? Should more fathers know how to do their daughters hair?
Single Dad Defies Stereotypes, Teaches Black Men To Do Their Daughter's Hair
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