Some people associate freckles as a physical feature for only Caucasians. We know that is not true because there are brown beauties around the world that have the tiny speckles on their skin. In the world of beauty trends, who would have ever thought “fake it until you make it” would apply to freckles. Once upon a time, freckles were covered with concealer and foundation. Most of them appeared during childhood and increased by sun exposure. Now some envious beauty lovers without them are adding those trademark dots in their makeup routine.

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Here are a few reasons they are still popping up on the scene:

1. They create the illusion that you are not wearing any foundation – giving you a fresh, youthful complexion.

2. You can add the spots wherever you like to help hide blemishes.

3. It a cool way to express makeup

This trend is not a new one and it can be tough to pull off, but that is not stopping women from adding a few here and there to complete their look.

Here are a few celeb inspirations:

Chaka Khan

Nia Long

Rashida Jones



If you are interested in creating the look, check out this tutorial from faceovermatter. Skip to 13:00 to view the freckles application.

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