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Twists or Braids

By September 22nd, 2021No Comments
Twists or Braids
Photo Credit: Afropunk 2013
by Mary Wolff

When it comes to growing your hair out while keeping it strong and healthy, protective styles are the best way to go. The curly hair community is known to reinvent older styles with more updated looks in terms of protective styles for all hair textures and types. Two of the most popular choices for curlies are twists and braids. So, which one is right for you?

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Twists or Braids? 

When choosing between the two, there are a couple factors to keep in mind. Both styles are pretty and stylish, but there are some differences.



  • Twists are a little bit faster to do initially since braiding is a little more involved.
  • Twists are also really easy to style!
  • While they are beautiful and easy to create, twists require more upkeep and maintenance.
  • Since twists unravel quickly, they don’t last as long as braids.




  • They tend to weigh more than twists. If you are tender headed or don’t enjoy carrying that much weight, twists might be the better option.
  • Braids are long-lasting so if time is an important factor to you, choose braids over twists.
  • Some curlies say braids pull on their edges so keep that in mind if you are concerned about your edges already.
  • They are easy to wash without unraveling your style and don’t require much maintenance.

So, what else should you know about choosing between braids or twists? Well, some curlies ask if texture matters for these and if one might be better than the other. Your texture won’t matter much in terms of these styles. However, with twists, your natural texture will be more evident than with braids. What about protective elements when choosing between the two? Since the style is more tightly packed, your strands will get more protection from braids than twists. You should also consider your lifestyle when choosing between the two styles. For example, if you are a gym rat, braids are better since they will look better after an intense workout than twists. If you are looking for a style that requires less morning effort, choose braids over twists. If looking for a style that isn’t as long lasting as braids because you might want to change it up pretty soon, twists are less commitment heavy compared to braids.

No matter which style you choose, the key is to protect your hair while rocking a cute style. Try both and see which one works best for your curls and preferences!

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