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Summer Hair Trends You Should Try

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Summer Hair Trends You Should Try
by Mary Wolff

Summer Hair Trends

When it comes to trying something new, summer seems like the right time of year for experimenting.  If you’re feeling a little bored with the same old look, try something new with these fun summer hair trends!

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Bold Color

Summer is the perfect time to step up your color game and this is one of those summer hair trends that comes around every year. While coloring your strands can add stress, a great way cut back on that potential for damage is to only seasonally color your hair. Summer is the perfect time for a bold red, a playful blonde, or even just adding highlights to your hair. One of the more daring looks for summer is to try something such as the grey trend that dyes hair to look like grey ash for a different take on summer color. The unicorn look is also still a hot option, but you may want to simply add a few streaks of color instead of doing your entire head, since the trend requires a lot of upkeep and has more potential for damage than a simple one-color approach. Although, a popular option is to create a rainbow color uses pre-colored box braids which is a great way to get in the summer trends without risking damage to your natural strands.

The It Cuts

There are tons of ways to wear your hair in the summer to keep it healthy and beautiful. When looking for a haircut for summer that is a trendy option for naturals, the beachy bob is a great choice. It keeps your hair length to around chin length which leaves plenty of room for styling versatility and is perfect for those trying to maintain some length. To take this look up a notch for summer, the pixie cut is definitely back in demand. This cut is shorter and is great for when you want to feel a little freer and cooler while keeping curls off the back of your neck during those unbearably hot months. For the more extreme fashionable curly, the shaved head or buzz cut is back in full swing for summer. This is one of the easiest cuts for summer since styling it won’t be an issue, but the upkeep of regular cuts and the eventual regrowth process could be a concern. If you’re feeling bold, a shaved head cut is a great way to show off that boldness.

The Hot Style

One of the hottest trends for summer is long box braids. While you may think of this as more of a fall style, there is a beachy goddess vibe to those long, beautiful braids that’s making them a look of the season. This look is also great because it can help minimize the stress on your natural strands as long as they are installed properly to avoid tugging. Box braids can be worn in any length, but this summer look is definitely on the side of the longer, the better.

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