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Tips for Blending Hair During Transitions

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Tips for Blending Hair During Transitions
IG: @miss_acalaca
by Mary Wolff

When it comes to transitioning to your natural hair, there are more than a few issues to iron out along the way. One of the biggest issues new naturalistas face is blending hair during the transition stage. You obviously want a look that is as natural as possible so here are a few tips for blending hair during transitions.

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1. Choose the right products for your hair type. If you are working with a drastically different texture than what your natural hair is growing into, you will make it more noticeable. For example, if your hair is a 3C texture and you use extensions in a type 2 wave pattern, you might end up looking a little off. Match the existing texture for a better overall look.

2. Avoid straight style pieces. When blending your natural hair with a weave or extension, straight hair tends to be less favored. It usually creates choppy layers and gives a decidedly unblended look that won’t work.

3. Intertwine the hair with the extension. This is one of the best tips for blending hair during transitions because it makes the hair look more like your own. If you have an extension and your natural hair is sticking out, this will definitely detract from your look.

4. Choose the right color. If you are going for a more natural look, you want to match the color of your extension with your natural hair for better blending. While getting a 100% match may be a stretch, at least keeping it in the same color family will help make the blending look more natural and less noticeable.

5. Don’t neglect your edges. When it comes to tips for blending hair during transitions, you want to remember your edges are fragile so take care when blending. If you put too much strain on your edges, you may end up with hair that is weaker and more prone to breakage.

6. Don’t be afraid to use products. When blending your hair, you still need to think about the overall health of your natural hair, and not just the way it will look when the artificial and natural hair are blended. It is important to keep up with whatever routine you currently have in place to care for your natural hair.

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