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Benefits of Oats for Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Benefits of Oats for Natural Hair
Image: TONL
by Mary Wolff

If you’re like most naturalistas, you probably use a few natural remedies to get healthy, beautiful hair.  When it comes to using natural remedies, oats are always a popular choice. There are many benefits of oats for natural hair that make them worth considering.

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One of the biggest benefits of oats for natural hair is the way it can help with scalp issues. When you have an overabundance of natural oils, oats can be used to soak up the excess without drying out your scalp. Oats are also good for alleviating dryness of the scalp, helping with itchiness, and helping with growth since they are rich in vitamin B which helps with circulation. If you have an irritated scalp, they are also quite soothing for the scalp.  Oats are also great for removing bacteria from the scalp that cause dandruff and helping to balance out the pH of the scalp. When looking for the biggest benefits of oats for natural hair, the scalp is the most prominent example. Remember, the healthier your scalp, the healthier your hair!

As far as your strands are concerned, there are still a few benefits of oats for natural hair. Oats can help with the retention of length by making strands stronger against breakage. They are also great for improving hair’s elasticity which can help prevent shrinkage. Oats are also rich in proteins which can help to strengthen hair.

Oats can be used topically, but they also have great health benefits when added to your diet.  They can help keep you full to help with a weight loss program, stabilize blood sugar, prevent cardiovascular disease, and more. They are also healthy for your skin and can be used as a topical treatment for everything from itchiness and irritation to making skin softer and suppler. It is also a gentle way to exfoliate skin for those with sensitive skin that reacts negatively to harsher exfoliants.

When it comes to a small food with big benefits, oats have a lot to offer!

Source: ND TV

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