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Dave Chapelle Finally Meets Dylan From ‘Making The Band’

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Dave Chapelle Finally Meets Dylan From 'Making The Band'

You’re not a true Dave Chapelle fan if you’re not familiar with his famous Making The Band skit, where he imitates hip hop artist Dylan.

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Well turns out, Dave Chapelle had never actually met Dylan in person until this past Friday at a House of Vans party Chapelle hosted.

Chapelle’s famous sketch comedy series aired back in March 2004. For years, we’ve heard the quote “Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan.” Dylan was briefly a member of Bad Boy’s Da Band. And although it’s been well over a decade, we haven’t heard much from the band since.

Dave Chapelle Finally Meets Dylan From 'Making The Band'

“For those who grew up watching me…you know how epic and amazing this was. My first time meeting @chappellercmh. My album is coming Sep 15th. I guess the stars lined up at the perfect time. Bless up to @wyclefjean @diddy and everyone else I reunited with this year,” said Dylan in his instagram post.


But we all wanna know. Did Dylan really spit that hot fire?
Dave Chapelle Finally Meets Dylan From 'Making The Band'
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