Google Doodles have become so ingrained in pop culture that I don’t know many people who aren’t excited when they see a Google Doodle honoring their fave historical person or moment.

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Today marks the 44th anniversary of hip-hop and Google isn’t holding back with the dopeness! Starting with a video intro narrated by the illustrious hip-hop icon and former host of Yo! MTV RapsFab 5 Freddy, the Doodle takes you on a journey from elongated instrumental sessions at dance parties to Coke La Rock taking the mic to hype up the crowd and drop a rhyme over the beat for the first time.

After that brief and fun history lesson comes the climax: an actual online turntable you can spin, equipped with a tutorial. Fab 5 Freddy hips you to DJ jargon like the crossfader and once you pic some records to spin, the tutorial gives you a history lesson with each single.

Let’s talk about how I’m channeling my Spinderella right now!

Masterfully done, Google! Soooo, basically, no one is getting any work done today, right?!

Source: Google

What do you think about Google’s tribute to hip hop?
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