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How To Prevent Oily Pillow Cases

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How To Prevent Oily Pillow Cases
by Mary Wolff

If you are like most naturalists, you need your moisture. While applying your favorite emollients before bed can give you the hydration your curls crave, it can have an unpleasant side effect on your bed linens. When it comes to managing oily pillowcases, there are a few tricks to help you wake up happy and refreshed.

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1. Wrap your hair at night. If you aren’t wrapping your hair after applying your favorite moisturizer to your curls, you are missing out on so many benefits. Wrapping your hair at night helps lock in moisture while preventing tugging on strands that can lead to breakage. It is great for setting a style overnight. Wrapping your hair is also perfect for managing oily pillowcases! You don’t have to do anything too crazy, just a simple silk scarf will help cut down on oily pillowcases.

2. Put an old t-shirt or a towel over your pillow. This is a simple fix that will work perfectly, especially if you are already wrapping your hair. If you aren’t wrapping your hair in addition to this tip, make sure you use a cotton t-shirt over a towel since it is softer on hair. Avoid using a microfiber towel though, since they are super absorbent, they will absorb whatever products you just put in your hair.

3. Apply less of your products. Since we all love a good moisturizing experience, there is a possibility you are laying the products on a little too heavy. One of the easier ways to go about managing oily pillowcases is to use less product!

4. Sleep in a satin bonnet. A satin bonnet will remove this issue once and for all for most curlies.

5. If stains aren’t coming out of the pillowcase during the wash cycle, a good tip is to soak them in a mixture of warm water and white vinegar.  White vinegar is known to cut through grease stains and break up oils while being a safe, natural cleaning solution. The best way to use this solution is to soak pillowcases in a bowl with one part warm water, one part white vinegar. Leave them to soak for a few hours. Make sure you rinse the pillowcases out in the sink before throwing them in the washer. This will help remove any oils that are already broken up while helping to ensure they don’t end up in your washer.

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