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Kaepernick’s Frat Brothers Band Together To Protest In Front of NFL Headquarters

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Kaepernick's Frat Brothers Band Together To Protest In Front of NFL Headquarters
Photo: @NYAKappas

The NFL may have left Colin Kaepernick behind for taking a stance against police brutality, but his frat brothers got his back!

A huge group of Kappa Alpha Psi gathered together to support Kaepernick during the United We Stand Rally in front of NFL headquarters. Kaepernick was a 2010 initiate of the fraternity, established in 1911.

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Kaepernick underwent extreme criticism for taking a knee during the national anthem in protest against the oppression of people of color, which hit a climax after the slew of killings by police, many of which went unpunished. Not only has he received criticism from the general public, but his career has suffered as well, as he has still not been signed by any NFL team.

“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul!” shouted the brothers at the rally, located in New York.

The Kappas sent an official letter on behalf of the fraternity to the NFL commissioner stating, “Mr. Kaepernick status as a social pariah within League circles emanated from doing nothing more than kneeling “silently” during the National Anthem. Although politically unpopular within certain groups and not bold enough among other groups – including members of our Fraternity on both sides of the issue – Mr. Kaepernicks’s decision to take a stand arose out of the seemingly endless series of incidents that far too often finds young, unarmed black and brown males like, like him, dead or mortally wounded after law enforcement encounters. Fer people of goodwill and reason would argue against the notion that enough is enough.”

Along with the physical support, his other fellow frat brothers showed up in spirit:

Source: Watch The Yard

What do you think about this protest? Are you boycotting the NFL or will you be tuning in this year?
Kaepernick's Frat Brothers Band Together To Protest In Front of NFL Headquarters
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