If you’ve ever wondered what Master P aka Percy has been up to, well here’s an update. The New Orleans native was announced yesterday as the owner of the New Orleans Gators.

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The Gators are apart of the GMGB also known as the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League that puts professional men and women athletes on the same court. The league also focuses on equal pay as men.

The organization issued the following statement below:

Many business people and celebrities have their eyes on the new professional basketball franchise in New Orleans. But today, Percy Miller was able to close the deal with the GMGB organization. Mr. Miller was born and raised in New Orleans and basketball has been a passion of his since childhood. Owning the New Orleans Gators is a great fit for him and the City, bringing family entertainment and basketball together in one arena is exciting for the community. Putting professional men and women athletes on the basketball court at one time is unique. And giving women equal pay as the men will even the playing field in the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League.

Percy Miller, the New Orleans Gators owner, businessman entrepreneur and philanthropist has appeared in numerous financial publications, including Forbes. A fervent basketball player, he has played professional basketball himself. As a team owner, he is about giving back to his community and has made Team Hope NOLA the foundation for the New Orleans Gators franchise.

Congrats to Master P. What do you think about this basketball league? Can it compete with the likes of the NBA?
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