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Does The Knot Genie Actually Work?

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Does The Knot Genie Actually Work?
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by Mary Wolff

If you have ever worked through your child’s tangles, you know the scene already. It usually ends with one or both of you close to tears with emotions exhausted and a more than a few tantrums thrown about. While this may be an exaggeration of sorts, the truth is that detangling a child’s hair can be a pain for everyone involved. With this in mind, the creative team behind the Knot Genie created a product to try to put an end to this unpleasant scenario. What many parents want to know is if the Knot Genie actually works? Well, first let’s take a look at what it is and how it claims to work through tangles.

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What is the Knot Genie?
The Knot Genie is a brush designed specifically for detangling. The shape is cloudlike to allow for an easy grip in your hand while the bristles are varying lengths. The bristles are made to allow for detangling without adding more stress to the cuticle of hair which prevents breakage. With teeth that are all the same size, you can end up with hair that gets caught in the brush whereas these varying lengths allow hair to slip through more easily to remove tangles. They are available in a few different options from a tinier option to options with handles. Find them here.

Does the Knot Genie Actually Work?

Now that you know what a Knot Genie is, let’s look at whether or not they work. While some products may be marketed as friendly for all hair types, but then don’t offer the same result for natural hair, this product is actually great for natural hair. There are many reviews by naturals that claim the results were great for working through tangles, even on thicker hair. With mostly positive reviews on Amazon, this brush has become a favorite for both young curlies and adults looking to work through tangles with more ease and fewer lost strands. For a closer look at how the brush works on natural hair, check out this video.

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