Picture it, you’re whipping up an artful masterpiece on your daughter’s hair, braiding and twisting in a design that’ll make Picasso jealous. Then, you take her to school. Hours go by and then you pick her up.

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And… womp, womp! You see a totally different design… a defacing of your masterpiece! “What happened?!”, you wonder.

This time, Charle-feigh happened. Markeisha Simien is the mother of the five-year-old who sent off her daughter to her first day of kindergarten with an impressively coiffed crown-like hairstyle, equipped with a bow. However, when Charle-feigh returned home, it was an entirely different look.

Apparently, Charle-feigh thought it would be a good idea to put her own spin on the hairdo. Markeisha posted the results on Facebook. She said she initially “lost it all” when she first saw the disheveled coif, but enjoyed seeing the massive interest in the before-and-after pics.

“Thanks everyone! She is really a joy! I was upset, true! But me and my baby laughed together at her hair redo!”, Markeisha wrote in the comments.

Going forward, Markeisha asks Charle-feigh if she plans to play with her hair at school before dropping her off each day. Charle-feigh responds with a “no.”

Haha!! Do you believe her? Share your kids’ rough hair day experiences in the comments!
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