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5 Tips To Help You Nail That Cornrow Style You Saw Online

5 Tips To Help You Nail That Cornrow Style You Saw Online
Issa Rae 

By Winnie Gaturu
There are tons of amazing cornrow styles online, especially on Pinterest and YouTube. The problem is, the style might not turn out the way you pictured it once you get it done. The truth is, you might fall in love with a particular style and have it replicated by your hair stylist only to have less than pleasing results. It’s happened to most of us, but it doesn’t always have to go the wrong way. Here are some tips to help you nail those cornrows you saw online and look like a million bucks.


Start off by finding out more about the particular style you want. For instance, you can look for pictures of how the style looks from the front, back and side. You could also check YouTube to see if there are videos that show how the style should be done. Other details that are really helpful include the type of braids used, the name of the style and color of the braids. Research is the first step to achieving the look that you want.

After doing your research, you should prepare for the actual braiding. You can buy the braids needed and any oils or gels to be used. You should consider asking for your hair stylist’s opinion before buying some of these things. They might have great suggestions or even refer you to places you can buy the hair products and accessories at a discount.

Be Realistic
The third thing you need to do is be realistic. Unless you have the same facial features and skin tone as a person you saw with the style, chances are, it won’t look the same on you. Be open to changing a few things to make their style more suitable for your own features. This includes the color of the braids, braid pattern at the front and back and the size of the braids. Having realistic expectations will make it easier for you to be content with the final look.

To nail the cornrow you want, consider a color that matches your skin tone. You don’t have to stick with exact color used online. Make the hair style your own by customizing the colors to your liking. You can even check whether you can get pictures of the same time with different colored braids for inspiration.

5 Tips To Help You Nail That Cornrow Style You Saw Online
Issa Rae and celeb hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood prepping for the Golden Globes 

Guide the Stylist
Once you get to your hair stylist, you should let them know what you want. Be open to their suggestions and find out what they think about the style. You can show them the photos of the style you want replicated so that they can have a clear picture of what you want. Find out beforehand whether the hair stylists can get the style done to your liking. There’s no need to continue if you’re having doubts. Be as helpful as you can to your hair stylist and you will get great results.

Hopefully, these pointers will help you nail that cornrow style you saw!

Have you ever had a style turning out contrary to your expectations?

5 Tips To Help You Nail That Cornrow Style You Saw Online
Winnie Gaturu is a writer, tech lover, mom, wife and student from Nairobi, Kenya. During her free time, she loves trying out new recipes, diy projects, filling in crossword puzzles and spending time with her family. You can catch up with her on

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