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Celebrating Black Women’s Firsts in 2017

Celebrating Black Women's Firsts in 2017
Emmy Winner Lena Waithe

 By Winnie Gaturu 

imagine that having a first for a black woman would be rare in 2017 but
it’s not. There are black women breaking barriers everyday all around
us. Whether it’s in school, work, politics or in seemingly normal
activities, there are firsts happening everywhere. Since it is human
nature to admire people you can identify with, it is crucial for black
women, especially young girls, to see black women making major
achievements in life. Each first opens a new door we never thought of
opening. It motivates black women and shows us that we can all be
firsts. Right now, we celebrate some of the women who’ve paved the way
for us in many different ways. Here are 10 black women’s firsts in


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