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5 Heatless Natural Hair Styles

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
5 Heatless Natural Hair Styles
 Finally Fiona
By Mary Wolff

Heat can be useful in achieving certain styles. However, heat often comes at a price to your strands. When you overuse heat tools, you can weaken your hair and dry it out leaving it a frizzy, damaged mess. Whether you are going totally heat free, or just looking to cut back on your usage, these heatless natural hairstyles give you great looks without compromising on the health of your curls.


1. Heatless Waves

When looking for a style that lets you create a wave pattern, this one is easy and heat free. Best of all, it’s super easy to achieve. This hairstyle gives you full body similar to a blowout, but without the damaging effects of heat. To find out more, check out this quick tutorial.



2. Halo Curls

Since a lot of naturalistas wrap their hair at night to avoid damage to their strands, this method of achieving halo curls is perfect. With tools you already have on hand, including an old t-shirt, follow a few basic steps, and wake up with gorgeous curls full of body sans heat.

3. Heatless Faux Wand Curls

Using a heat wand can give you perfect ringlets. When looking for a heatless option to achieve the same look, flexi rods are your new best friend. They help you get that perfect curl without potential damage and they are super easy to use.


4. Heatless Curls Updo

Wearing your curls down in fun, but sometimes you might want an updo instead. This style uses curlformers to help get the desired shape without the use of heat tools. The updo is easy to do and the face frame pieces give it a laid-back vibe perfect for a casual style.

5. Bantu Knot Out

Another easy option you can wear overnight and then wake up with beautiful curls, this style gives you two looks in one. Wear your bantu knots out for girl’s night and then the next day take them out for beautiful full-bodied curls to last all day.
Sooooo, what style will you be trying?

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