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Liberal White Women On Why Conservative White Women Vote Against Themselves

Liberal White Women On Why Conservative White Women Vote Against Themselves
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By Erickka Sy Savané

Like many, I have been following the Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones Senate race in Alabama. One minute, Democrat Doug Jones is ‘leading’ in polls in this state that Dems haven’t carried since 1992. Then two seconds later, Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple teenage girls when he was a grown ass man in his 30’s, starts looking like a shoe-in. How can this be? Well, we have to thank Conservative white women for that. Recent polls show that over 60% of white women support Roy Moore. These are the same women who threw their full support behind the Head P*ssy Grabber in Chief, Donald Trump. I’m looking at these women voting against themselves- in fact, one of the women who accused Moore of sexually assaulting her when she was 16, is a Republican who actually voted for Trump, and recently acknowledged that his support of Moore is disappointing- wondering if they got dropped on their heads when they were babies. Why are they voting like this?

For the answer, I go straight to white women. Since I only know a hand-full, and none of them voted for Trump (at least, not openly), I have to ask my white female liberal friends. What follows is white female Liberal’s take on the voting logic of Conservative white women…
So I turn to Facebook to reach out to Anne who lives in LA, and is originally from Boulder, Colorado. Anne has two bi-racial daughters, and her sister has bi-racial kids as well. When asked to explain the voting logic of Conservative white women Anne said,

“Great question my friend! I am so far removed from anyone that would think like this. My guess is that it’s a brainwashed Southern thing.”

So my next question is how did she grow up? She says that her family was very liberal.

“We celebrated different cultures and ways of life and freedom to be. My mother was Quaker and my father came from a Christian background, but won’t touch religion with a 10-foot-pole. He’s more of a Spiritual poet.”

It would explain Anne and her sister’s open-mindedness. Very interesting. But I still need to find out why white women keep voting for Pedophiles!

I reach out to Nancy* from a mommy group I belong to here in Jersey City. This group mixes women from all types of different backgrounds, and a lot of them are politically active. Though Nancy says she can’t say 100 percent, she goes straight for what we might consider the obvious.

“I think it all circles back to racism, but some not even intentional, meaning they aren’t even aware that they are being racist. So you have your flat out racists who hear the dog-whistle comments and are totally thinking that THESE guys get it. They are going to make sure that they keep out those Mexicans and stop giving money to those welfare babies. Then there’s this big portion- and I know this because I see people I knew in high school that really don’t understand- who don’t view themselves as racists. They do however completely suffer from white privilege. They are white, middle class, have never lived in an urban area, they love their black friends and co-workers (see, they have black friends so they aren’t racist wink-wink), they are, however, finding it harder to stay middle class. There aren’t as many jobs, their pay isn’t increasing, they are struggling to keep up with the Jones’s. All their lives they’ve voted Conservative. Their parents were in unions, they go to church, they’ve worked hard and have reaped the rewards. They haven’t faced the same obstacles P.O.C. have. So they, in their bubble, don’t understand how you didn’t just work hard and get ahead. If you aren’t, you’re just not trying hard enough. It’s a formula that’s always worked for them. Except now, it’s not. They haven’t yet put together that the Republican party isn’t looking out for them. That it’s their policies that have failed them. They are still thinking that if they stay with a Conservative party that the cream will rise to the top.”

She also points to Conservative “Christian” values.

“Good women are docile and support their men no matter what. Men can’t control their impulses when women of ill repute tempt them. All bullshit, but I’ve heard this nonsense. Unless it’s happened to them, they think that a lot of women ask for it. It’s a complete disconnect from reality, but their bubble is safe.”

She concludes by saying that she believes a lot of Christian white women will go down with the ship.


Liberal White Women On Why Conservative White Women Vote Against Themselves
Photo via The Atlantic
This idea that white Conservative white women have that they are somehow being ‘protected’ is echoed by Ang*, another mom from the mommy group. Ang says that she’s been trying to figure out why women in her demographic vote for nasty predators, but her guess is fear.

“Its fear of losing a way of life that they understand even though it may not serve them best, fear of losing the protection and support of their spouses who are voting for the embodiment of evil because that evil preserves their supremacy.”

She goes on to compare it to a woman staying in an abusive relationship.

“Maybe they hope that by throwing others under the bus they will be spared the same fate. White women are caught in this place between privileged and oppressed, and it’s easier to pretend that we are on the side of power than under the boot.”

She then turns the question around to ask me if I know anyone who has voted against themselves?

My answer is no. I don’t know any black women who supported Trump, and I hope that none I know would vote for a Roy Moore, however, I know people who still support Bill Cosby, though more than 50 women have accused him of some form of sexual assault. I know black women still flock to R. Kelly concerts though it’s well-known that he’s had sexual relations with minors, making him a Pedophile. There’s also Clarence Thomas. We could also do better, and hopefully as more women continue to come forward with their stories of assault (#metoo), we will stop supporting those who don’t support us. Clearly, there is work to do, though this is not about comparing. As it relates to the Senate race taking place tomorrow in Alabama, it’s anyone’s guess what the outcome will be. But it will be a telling sign as to what direction women, at least Conservative and white, are heading.

Do you think Conservative white women will turn the page anytime soon? 
Liberal White Women On Why Conservative White Women Vote Against Themselves
Erickka Sy Savané is a wife, mom, and managing editor of Based in Jersey, City, NJ, her work has appeared in, and more. When she’s not writing…wait, she’s always writing! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram


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