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5 Ways A’mara la Negra Has Inspired Us To Rock Out in 2018!

5 Ways A'mara la Negra Has Inspired Us To Rock Out in 2018!
A’mara le Negra

By Michelby Whitehead

If 2017 was the year of Cardi B, then one can only nod in agreement that
2018 will be the reign of A’mara la Negra, the breakout cast member on
Vh1’s Love n Hip Hop Miami. I don’t know about you, but the way A’mara’s
skin glows makes me want to say “Hey girl! Can you be my life coach?
Because obviously you’re doing something right!” While we wait on the
beautiful one to take us under her wing, here are 5 ways A’mara la Negra has inspired us to rock out in 2018!


1. Don’t let present success make you get too comfortable. 
Love n Hip Hop Miami, the Dominican darling was already popping on the
Latin charts with a phenomenal social media presence. However, she was
determined to take things to the next level and make a name for herself
in the U.S. This week, A’mara signed a major record deal.

5 Ways A'mara la Negra Has Inspired Us To Rock Out in 2018!

2. Remain authentic and true to your calling. 
representation matters, especially in media as it relates to standards
of beauty. Her dark skin, kinky, curly fro and curvaceous body were
something that we had yet to see a reality TV star fight to defend until
now. La Negra unapologetically represents the underdog, and we love her
for it. This is a reminder to serve #blackgirlmagic whether they want
it or not. You had a purpose before any of the naysayers had an

5 Ways A'mara la Negra Has Inspired Us To Rock Out in 2018!
A’mara with her mom
3. You need wise counsel if you’re going to live your best life. 
you remember the 1980s doll My Buddy? The toy was always sold out
because kids loved the thought of having a pal they could drag around
all day! If having an inanimate object as a friend is helpful for a
child’s self-esteem, how much more important is it for grown women to
have a solid shoulder to lean on? On the first episode of Love n Hip Hop
Miami, we see how much A’mara values her mother’s opinions and support.
In 2018, we’re unsubscribing from the school of thought that says boss
moves are made alone. Iron sharpens iron.  
4. Obstacles will come, but you have to keep going.
one thing that we all have in common is the desire to slay our goals,
whatever they may be. You can throw a vision board party and map your
goals out. You can even pray that God directs you as you pursue these
goals. Nonetheless, you may still have some hiccups along the way. 
Don’t get frustrated with the process and abort the mission. A’mara
admits that life was not easy for her being raised by a single mom and
facing discrimination as an Afro Latina. But guess what? She made it and
so can you if you are persistent. 
5 Ways A'mara la Negra Has Inspired Us To Rock Out in 2018!
5. Laugh, dance and be merry.
out La Negra’s Instagram account. You see nothing but her gorgeous
smile as she shakes a tail feather through life, even when she has to
clapback on people making ignorant assumptions! No one wants to be
around someone who is bitter and messy. No one wants to hear you self
loathe and whine about things you have the power to change. Take a page
out A’mara’s book and create your own happy. 
Tell us how A’mara has inspired you to rock out in 2018.

5 Ways A'mara la Negra Has Inspired Us To Rock Out in 2018!

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