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Curly Nikki

And The Winners of the ‘Rocks By Sekou’ Giveaway Are…
Rocks By Sekou Black & Blue Bracelet

Happy New Year Ladies,

New year, new you, new Rocks By Sekou to lace your wrist! We asked, what are you leaving in 2017, and you had the best answers! We know you’re going to kill it this year, and beyond. Soooooooooo, without further ado, the winners are……..

Rocks By Sekou Black & Blue Bracelet

I am leaving my channel one in 2017. 2017 was a huge year for us. I faced several fears head on and came out on the other side stronger. We moved from an apartment and bought a house while I was oh so very pregnant. We welcomed a beautiful baby girl a month early and I survived those first weeks. I returned to work as a working mama. And I entered into those huge life changes anxious (anticipation mixed with dread). I wanted to have a playbook for all of those changes. I wanted to know what was next and what I should expect. That isn’t life. Next year I’m entering into 2018 with anticipation claiming what is already mine.

I’m leaving behind obesity, insecurities, lack of drive and motivation. I’m leaving behind excuses and allowing others to steal my joy. I wish I could say I’m leaving behind depression and anxiety, but it’s not that simple because mental health issues cannot be wished away. However, I will leave behind being silent and will use every opportunity I can to speak up and encourage others in the African American community to talk about and educate ourselves when it comes to mental health.

I am leaving behind frustration, gossip, bitterness, and negativity. I am also leaving behind those who try to steal my joy. 2017 was a tough year…dealing with school, petty co-workers, petty and selfish family members. In 2018, I will re-learn me. I will focus more on self; building up my self-confidence, driving out doubt, diving head first into the word of GOD, exercise and becoming more patient with myself and others. In 2017, I learned many things such as being careful who I speak to. I thought having a close friend at work was great. She and I had been friends for over 2 years and could tell each other anything. Until one day, I got called into my boss’s office and it was revealed my so-called close friend had put my name in a situation I was not a part of. She had intentionally said I was the one who had spoken to her about the situation but in reality SHE was the one who came to me. She turned the whole situation around to make me out to be the ‘bad’ employee while all along it was her. Needless to say, I no longer converse with her unless it has to deal with work. I am usually a social butterfly but this situation has taught me a valuable lesson. I know and feel in my heart 2018 will be an AWESOME year as long as I stay close to GOD as I re-learn myself.

Please email
with your full name and address using Rocks By Sekou Winner in the
subject line. Sekou will contact you via email if you need further help sizing your bracelet, otherwise, see the sizing guide below and include it within your email. Enjoy your bracelet, and everyone else stay tuned for our next giveaway!

  • Small – 6 inches
  • Medium – 7 inches
  • Large – 8 inches
  • Extra large – 9 inches

Not sure? Just measure your wrist with a flexible tape measure right below your wrist bone. Or you can print and use this paper ruler. After that, add an inch for fit. So, if your wrist is exactly 6 inches, you’ll need a size medium.

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