Rain Pryor & Zeola Gaye
 By Michelby Coco Whitehead
Quincy Jones’s interview with Vulture has been a doozy in every way
imaginable. While the interview did provide great commentary on what he
thinks about today’s music industry and his relationship with Ivanka
Trump, it also spilled some messy tea that has left a lot of people
pissed off.


The super producer has made claims
that iconic soul singer Marvin Gaye and comedian Richard Pryor had
sexual relations with actor Marlon Brando. Richard Pryor’s widow
Jennifer Lee Pryor recently said that her deceased husband did have sex
with Brando, stating  “If you did enough cocaine, you’d f*** a radiator
and send it flowers in the morning.”  
age is really doing a number on Q because he has forgotten that Black
people don’t let you just talk about their family members and get away
with it. Richard’s daughter, Rain Pryor fired up her fingers on social
media and had this to say in response to the accusations:

 Rain Pryor’s Response via Facebook:

raft of Rain wasn’t the only thing coming for Quincy Jones today,
because Marvin’s sister Zeola Gay snatched a few of Q’s whiskers too:  

Zeola Gaye’s Facebook Post:

Quincy Jones
some, Quincy’s interview was funny. I have even seen some say it’s “for
the culture.” My question is whose culture? This is February, honey.
Black History Month. Marvin Gaye is to us what Elvis, The Rolling
Stones, and The Beatles (who Quincy also dissed) are to them. Notice
it takes a collective of them to be mentioned in a sentence with
Marvin. And yes, Richard Pryor has been caught in a few public scandals, but
we still appreciate his legacy. So what is Quincy Jones trying to prove
here?  And why isn’t he airing dirty laundry on celebrities who are
actually ALIVE to confirm or deny his allegations? 
been rumored that PLENTY more goes on than having 22 concubines in Q’s
Jook Joint, so he needs to talk about that instead! February is a short
month, Quincy. Pour us some of your tea sooner than later.  
Do you think Quincy’s comments were detrimental to the legacies of Marvin Gaye and Richard Pryor?

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