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Is Letting Your Man Style Your Hair the Ultimate Sign of Love?

Is Letting Your Man Style Your Hair the Ultimate Sign of Love?
Dan & Wendy

By Erickka Sy Savané

Before this video I’d seen Wendy and Dan in passing. Every now and then they’d pop up on the side of my computer screen in a sponsored video, smiling like they’d just cashed a check. I even wondered if they were a real couple. Now I know. Dan Hennessey & Wendy Joseph are indeed a real couple who have been together for over 10 years (now engaged), with tons of youtube followers who tag along to see their escapades in places like Paris, Costa Rica or even the kitchen as the two chef it up. Wendy has also been known to post videos on her hair routine, which brings me to this video in which Dan attempts to get all up in her voluminous tresses to style her hair in a bun. I could count the number of times a man who wasn’t a hair stylist has done my hair. One. My husband. So it made me wonder, is letting your man in your hair the ultimate sign of closeness?


It’s interesting because letting my husband do my hair took a lot of courage. I’d been stumbling around extremely unhappy with longer natural hair, two-strand twisting like my life depended on it, feeling kinda trapped in my own craziness when he suggested cutting it. Finally, I decided okay, and shocked myself when we decided the barber would be him, an amateur who had NEVER cut anyone’s hair before. But at the end of the day, I couldn’t imagine anyone else cutting it. After all, I had a checkered past with trusting hair dressers too and once jumped out of a stylists’ chair with only one side of my hair cut. In the end, I let him do it, and it’s been that way for a few years now. Sometimes he has a misstep, but we work it out. However, I don’t think this is the norm. There was a story recently here on CurlyNikki where a young black woman who was friends with an old white man asked him to do her hair when she was sick and one of the commentors said that she doesn’t let anyone who isn’t a hair dresser touch her hair. It makes sense. Culturally, when we grow up, we’re taught to take pride in our hair. So for many, that means no one touches it who isn’t licensed, a close girlfriend or family member. Some women will let a man get the poonany, but touch her hair, let alone style it…nah bruh. Some won’t even let you see their real hair, it gets deep. 
But, I don’t know. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Couples these days share so much of themselves for viewers. The McClure’s who just revealed that the dad we’ve known is not the twins’ biological father, and forget about everything we see on the Housewives or Love & Hip Hop or any of the reality shows. It’s all stunts and sensationalism so letting a man style your tresses starts looking like child’s play. Even still, I do think that it says something about how close you’re willing to let your man get. It may not mean ever lasting love, ish happens to the best couples, but it’s a pretty good sign of things to come. I wish this couple success in their future marriage and their video below is pretty fun! 
Has a man you were dating ever styled your hair?

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