Amber Wagner aka Jstlbby

By Kira Sparkles

Y’all, I am in love with Amber Wagner. When I say that name, it might not ring a bell, but I guarantee you’ve seen her videos before on her Instagram as she’s more famously known as Just Living Baby (@jstlbby). This 26 year old, Los-Angeles based homegirl stands out and is impossible to ignore. Whether it’s because of her flamboyantly fantastic sunglasses, her super long nails or a colorful collection of weaves and wigs on deck, she’s out here encouraging us to live our best lives while reminding us how blessed we are. Even without all of her accessories, Amber commands our attention. Still don’t know who I’m talking about (or just a little curious)? I rounded up some of my favorite videos from her IG to get you just as on board as I am!

PS: Language advisory 

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You’re right, girl. Trouble don’t last always. I just needed the reminder. At the end of the day, attitude is everything. Or maybe it’s whatever’s in that lollipop.

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Seeing a big girl getting her entire life unapologetically is exactly what we need. Body shaming is hella real, but Amber is still out here not giving two solid f*cks what anybody thinks about her, all while laughing, smiling and enjoying the day while telling us to do the same thing. The clouds are out, but it’s always a good day to have a good day!

This was a video that got autotuned into the hottest track of 2018. This is my shit. #trappinpositivity2018

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Instead of talking to the hand, Amber’s letting her hand do the talking. Listen, between those acrylics and her punctuated movements flavoring up my entire day, I’m handed my entire life.

This one really hurts to watch. But in a sea of perfection on Instagram, seeing someone who comes from a genuine place is refreshing. Despite whatever she’s going through, Amber keeps it real no matter what. Hearing her talk about her struggles, we can definitely all relate to this one in some form. But the most refreshing thing of all is how she can spin something negative back into something positive.

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