Officer Norman and kids in his Little Rock community

By Ta-ning Connai 

Officer Thomas Norman is clearly cut from a different cloth. Through his strategy for community policing (a mix of relatability, love, compassion and respect), he is changing the way many of us see law enforcement. He was doing good deeds behind the scenes in his hometown of Arkansas when rapper and community activist Killer Mike took notice. Mike took him on CNN as a prime example of what police can do to assist and engage (not taunt and terrorize) people of color. But it was west coast rapper, The Game and his son Harlem, who brought Tommy to rock star status in 2016. On the heels of the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, The Game found it important to let people know that there was an officer out there making a tremendous effort to restore hope and mend the wounds that bad cops have caused. So he and his son created a GoFundMe page for people to support Norman’s outreach. From Hollywood celebrities to everyday folks, the blessings are STILL pouring in! Officer Norman’s IG page- which has over 1 million followers- has a fabulous reality show vibe; it’s heartwarming, hilarious and keeps you coming back. Even the neighborhood regulars have a bunch of fans following their every move. But hey, don’t take my word for it, just see it for yourself and I’m sure these Best Officer Norman Moments will make your heart just melt!


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If Officer Norman’s IG account had itself a leading lady, Lois would def be the one! Here she is in her “trying to play hard to get” mood, but brotha man ain’t havin’ none a that!

Officer Norman Luh The Kids! He wanted to keep the Rolly Rolly goin’, but baby girl clearly did not, lol! 

Little Amiyah is an Instagram favorite and obviously a favorite of Officer Norman’s too! Check out how he does absolutely nothing to get her cute butt out the car!

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Bruno Mars is in the building! Well, not really, but he did hook the kids up with sneaks from Foot Locker. And who was there to orchestrate AND celebrate? Officer Norman of course!

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So, while schools are trying to strip black history away from us, here’s a man sharing it live and direct! 

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Serving up some positive affirmations for The Monday Mornin’ Bus Stop Chant! What a way for the kids to start their day!

Other favs from Officer Norman’s IG Page
Davey (top left), Officer Norman and wife Rosayln (top right)
Tina (bottom left), Aaron (bottom middle), Carol (bottom right)

Officer Norman ain’t new to this! He was named Officer of the Year in 2000.
What do you think of the difference Officer Norman is making in his community? 
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