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4 Takeaways From Diddy’s Life of Love Via The Gram

4 Takeaways From Diddy's Life of Love Via The Gram
Diddy & fam via the gram

By Kaila Kea

When Diddy announced he was changing his name to Love last year, the media went into a bit of a frenzy. Those of us (me included) who still call him Puffy were unbothered, but others wondered what brought this on. Although he soon announced that he would not be changing his name after all, he has certainly embodied nothing but love since that time. In fact, Diddy’s Instagram posts alone are enough to get your day started right. So, if you haven’t been watching or perhaps you’re just out of the loop, here are 4 takeaways from Diddy’s life of love (per the ‘gram). 


4 Takeaways From Diddy's Life of Love Via The Gram

Family first Even in the 90s, when he was everyone’s favorite playboy (and Biggie’s right-hand man), Puffy was a family man. From featuring his firstborn son, Justin (and then-girlfriend, Misa) in Biggie’s Juicy video, to stepping out onto numerous red carpets with his beloved mom, Puff has always made it clear that he values family. Within the last year, we’ve gotten to see more of the Combs clan and quite honestly, their connection is heartwarming. Diddy has exemplified strong family values over the years, but it was his May 2018 trip to the Kentucky Derby with his 3 girls that did me in! Daddy-daughter time is important, whether it’s at the derby, the park, the movies, or the crib. So, seeing Puff and his girls, decked out in tulle skirts, white gloves, and lace-trimmed fascinators was not only endearing – it was fatherhood at its finest.

4 Takeaways From Diddy's Life of Love Via The Gram

Positive vibes only
In addition to being big on family, Diddy is one of the coolest motivational speakers around. He consistently uses his platform to spread positivity and share lessons he’s learned about religion, family, love, and the like. Regardless of what you are going through, you can be sure that a quick scroll of Diddy’s Instagram feed will reveal some words of wisdom, a 90’s throwback that fills us with nostalgia, or another form of much-needed encouragement. Aside from making us dance for the past 20+ years, Puffy has always radiated positive energy and recently, it’s on a whole new level.

4 Takeaways From Diddy's Life of Love Via The Gram

When it’s for you, it’s for you.
As someone who seems to have it all, Puff could easily act like his life is a piece of cake. Instead, he makes it a point to talk about the triumphs as well as the trials. Take the Breakfast Club interview that aired earlier this year – Puff let us in on the process to get all of his baby mothers on the same page, illuminating the hardships and the harmony behind blending a family. Not to mention, he often reminds us that no one can block the blessings that are in store for us. In a world filled with missed opportunities, it is nice to be reminded that no simply means not yet.

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Recognize greatness
There are plenty of top-earning celebrities who could care less about paying homage to their peers. Diddy isn’t one of them. Not only has he praised Lebron James, Gabrielle Union, J. Cole, Chadwick Boseman, and Kendrick Lamar, but he has also shouted out Brittany Barnett, Colin Kaepernick, Naomi Wadler and other activists who are working relentlessly to eradicate injustice in marginalized communities. As a giant in the music and fashion industry, Puff isn’t obligated to shout anybody out. But at every chance, he breathes life into public figures who are doing their thing and doing it well.

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4 Takeaways From Diddy's Life of Love Via The Gram
Kaila Kea is a freelance career coach and writer who specializes in creating content pertaining to career and self-development. In addition to writing for CurlyNikki, she has also created content for ZipRecruiter, Blavity, 21Ninety, and LinkedIn. Her work is both provocative and pleasing, often straddling the fine lines between career goals and natural hair care, current events, and goal-setting. Follow her journey on Instagram. 

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