Hamamat Montia

By Winnie Gaturu

Children are indeed a blessing. They have the ability to bring out a part of their parents that was previously hidden. They often challenge them to attain more than they already have. This was the case with Hamamat Montia. From Ghana, Hamamat is an entrepreneur, former model and beauty queen. One day, when her 3-year-old daughter Zuri came home from school and said she wanted blonde hair like Cinderella, she felt disturbed. This was the moment that sparked her current path as an entrepreneur.


Because of her daughters, Hamamat has made it her mission to spread awareness of African culture and traditions to the world, and become a role model that African girls can look up to. Many refer to her as the Global African Ambassador. In the process of becoming a role model, Hamamat African Beauty was born in 2017. It is a brand that offers handmade skincare products which are made from 100% natural ingredients. Her company is also the first online-based retailer to ship pure freshly made Shea butter directly from Ghana to the rest of the world. The techniques used to create these products have been passed on from generation to generation. The ancestors used these herbs and oils to take care of their hair, skin and overall health.


The two main products from Hamamat African Beauty are the Golden Shea Butter and the Safari Shea butter. The Golden Shea Butter has multiple benefits including soothing dry skin, eliminating wrinkles, relieving sunburn, healing wounds, alleviating skin allergies and treating eczema. The Safari Shea Butter contains high therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties since it is mixed with traditional herbs. It is an effective natural ointment for treating muscle aches, swellings, and bruising, among other things. Judging by the reviews on the website, people using these products are happy with the results.

Hamamat Montia

The amount of dedication that Hamamat pours into ensuring the authenticity and quality of her products is to be admired. She grew up using handmade Shea Butter and knows firsthand the benefits, especially on the skin. Hamamat recently posted a video showing how to make Shea Butter from scratch. It is normally a family affair that’s well-coordinated, involving lots of hard work.

Hamamat has definitely succeeded in becoming a role model as she wanted. She is truly an inspiration to many and we can’t leave out the fact that her skin is goals! As a result of her hard work, it is not a surprise that she was listed as one of the 100 most influential young Africans in 2018. Congratulations are in order. All we can say is, “Keep winning queen!”

To see more of Hamamat, follow her IG where she shares videos about West African culture, and for more info on her products go to Hamamat.com

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