Kelvin Pena

By Kira Sparkles

Let’s be real, social media’s a lot. Too often we’re bombarded with upsetting images and a doom and gloom view of what’s going on in the world around us. That’s why during these volatile times I try to find the lighter side of the internet by watching Kelvin Pena.

Around since the days of Vine, he’s been called the Dominican Snow White, The Deer Whisperer and even Brother Nature. He got his start by feeding a family of deer he calls the Deer Squad which includes a buck named Money and three does, Canela, Bambi and Lola. Sometimes the deer would take food from him, other times he would throw food their way with his now infamous “Everybody Eats” catch phrase. This was his content for a while, guys, literally, just feeding fruit to deer. It’s the purest thing you’ll see. In his growing fame (if 2.1 million instagram followers is any indication), he’s started a nonprofit called the “Everybody Eats Foundation” which also helped Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria. His goal is to go to school and grow his platform to try and use it for the greater good. Still not convinced about this actual ball of human sunshine? Check out some of my favorite Kelvin videos to see if I can change your mind…

Here’s Kelvin chillin’ with Money:

Kelvin out here feeding EVERYBODY with the “Everybody Eats Foundation”

Errrrbody Loves Brother Nature!

It’s Real Out Here…a trip to Walmart…

Via Kelvin’s IG

Kelvin’s hung out with monkeys, the man got a baby goat, and recently he was seen in Hawaii swimming with sharks. Rumor has it he might be getting his own series. I personally hope it’s something Disney inspired where Kelvin and the Deer Squad go on magical adventures. Just me? Okay, I’ll stop. But seriously, have you been following Kelvin and the Deer Squad for a while? Did you fall in love after seeing these videos?

Let me know some of your favorite Kelvin videos in the comments.
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