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The Power Season 5 Finale Left Us With Little to Contemplate

The Power Season 5 Finale Left Us With Little to Contemplate
Angela and Ghost

By Mwabi Kaira 

 As far as season finales and cliffhangers go, Power fell flat last night.

Don’t read ahead if you haven’t seen the finale…you’ve been warned…

The Power Season 5 Finale Left Us With Little to Contemplate

When Raina got killed last season we felt that in our souls because no one saw it coming. Raina was sweet and caring and just wanted her brother to do right. Everyone and their Mama has been gunning for Angela’s demise since season 1 so when it finally happened it was just meh. Where’s the story here? Other than Ghost, no one was checking for Angela. Speaking of Ghost, how dense is he when it comes to Angela? Tasha may have had her situationships but she never lost her head in the process. Ghost’s brain was non-existent when Angela was involved.

Speaking of Tasha, I have to nominate her for the worst friend award after this season finale. I felt for Keisha. She has never been thanked for risking her life for Tasha and her family and always taken for-granted. I wanted to throw my shoe at Tasha’s head when Keisha was pouring out her heart on their friendship with tears in her eyes and all Tasha could think of was Keisha’s alibi once again. Friendship requires reciprocity and Tasha knows nothing about that. What’s obvious is that if the tables were turned, Tasha would never be all she expects from Keisha in a friendship. It is clear that Tasha is for self. Keisha finally finds her backbone and demands respect from this friendship by walking away from it.

The Power Season 5 Finale Left Us With Little to Contemplate

They say a cat has nine lives. In the world of Power, the cat is Dre. I have never seen so many attempts to take someone out fail. This entire season guns have been pointed at Dre and he has managed to escape them all. How Sway? The only way for Dre to get out of this life that he sneakily inserted himself into is to cooperate with the Feds. He got too big for his own good and it’s come back to bite him.

This entire episode was a game of who will snitch on who. The Feds wanted Tommy to snitch on Ghost and Angela to save himself. Keisha wanted Tommy to snitch on Ghost and Tasha so they could live happily ever after without them. Proctor wants Ghost to snitch on Tommy and Silver wants Tasha to snitch on Ghost. In the end, the only snitch is Dre and we will see how it plays out next season.

The Power Season 5 Finale Left Us With Little to Contemplate

This season’s highlight was Kanan’s death and that was 2 episodes ago. Tariq and Tasha setting him up and Kanan choosing not to kill Tariq when he had the chance is more of a water cooler conversation than Tommy shooting Angela. We didn’t see it coming. Tommy knew Angela was a bad idea from day one and has been waiting for his opportunity. This shooting was not a shock, it was too obvious. This is TV and for all we know neither Kanan or Angela are dead. They may come back to life in a new storyline. I can see Angela having amnesia and poor Ghost losing his mind because his Angie doesn’t remember him. Can we discuss Ghost taking out Silver like that even though he’s sprung over Angela? I will never understand it.

Power has high ratings and a very loyal audience. They’ve already been renewed for Season 6. All we could think about after the Season 4 finale was poor Raina and what would become of the St. Patrick family. After last night’s Season 5 finale, there is not much to contemplate or speculate on. I’ll be watching Season 6 and hope they can deliver some more on-the-edge-of-your-seat programming and not the obvious programming that was the final scene of Season 5.

Did you see Power this season? 
The Power Season 5 Finale Left Us With Little to Contemplate
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