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How to Achieve Pastel Hair Color Without The Commitment

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How to Achieve Pastel Hair Color Without The Commitment

 We’ve all seen it: Ariana’s lavender tresses, Zayn rocking neon pink, and Camila Cabello’s hues of purple that are ushering us into the lighter colors of the fall. Pastel hair looks fabulous on any curl type or texture, but we all know that creating these beautiful colors can put some wear and tear on your curls due to the intense dyes and chemicals. The misconception is that you must go blond before you can add any real color to your hair, but with a booming beauty industry making hair color more accessible and convenient, there are alternatives. Have no fear — if you are looking to put some pastel into your hair this season without the damage, we have a few alternatives to help keep your wallet and curls happy.


1) Hair Chalk
Yes, you can color the sidewalk and your hair at the same time. Hair chalk gives you temporary color for the day and is great way to add highlights or pastel hints to your hair without any messy dyes or chemicals. Chalks like Splat slide on dry and give your instant results with colors like violet sky, sugar plum, mint candy, and sun kissed. Hair chalks come in creamy and powdery formulas so determining which one is best for your hair type will require some research along with deciding what color you might want. You may need to do a few test runs on strands of hair to see what takes.

2) Hair Spray
If chalk isn’t your style and you prefer not to get your hands dirty, there are many new color sprays out that can give you temporary color at an affordable price. L’Oreal Paris has a 1-Day Spray with pure pigments in bold colors that you can wash out after just one day. Many temporary sprays on the market work so well because they aren’t sticky, and you can control the light or dark tints with the amount of spray you use. Dark and Lovely and Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint also carry some beautiful hues.

How to Achieve Pastel Hair Color Without The Commitment

3) Hair Gel and Tints
If applying your own color at home feels a bit overwhelming, some salons allow you to bring in your own hair color applicators they can apply for you. Brighter hues can be tricky to impart onto darker curls so having a little help won’t hurt if chalks and sprays aren’t providing your desired hair color. Hair gels and tints have a more hands-on approach but can still provide a semi-permanent color you rock for a few days. Lime Crime and Manic Panic are both vegan and cruelty-free brands that can give you pastel hues in bold pigments.

With so many alternatives for coloring our curls this season, trying out new, soft pastels are not only pretty but on trend for the fall season. Mix and match your color and have fun blending different hues;

Always keep in mind that no matter a temporary or permanent hair color, conditioning and moisturizing your curls is essential to prevent damage and dry hair.

Have you tried to temporarily color your curls? Let us know what products you used and any tips that helped you achieve and maintain your color.

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