And everyone wants to know what in the Iyanla: Fix My Life is going on.

Some people just don’t need to be on social media…periodt!

In a photo posted to The Shade Room, an alleged mother claimed that her husband once left her while she was pregnant for his mistress. Then in a shocking and somewhat sad turn of events, he re-married his mistress and started having an affair with his ex-wife.

Why the ex-wife thought this was a good idea to post, the world may never know.

Everyone in the comment section was equal parts confused and shadily judgmental.

“Why are you out here bragging about being demoted and degraded???” wrote one person on Instagram.

“Oh so you went back back…ok,” commented another person.

“The foot rub can’t be that good sis,” wrote one Instagram user.

While there are no details about who posted the picture and if its even real, one thing we do know is the world is full of petty, petty people.